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5th & 6th Grade PREP Class Lists


All class assignments are tentative and subject to verification of completion of the previous PREP grade level and having received the Sacraments of Baptism, Penance and First Eucharist.

Grade Lists are current as of Sept 8, 2017.  If your child is listed in the wrong grade/class or is missing, please contact Kathy McGovern at

5th Grade Wed. 5th Grade Sun. 6th Grade Wed. 6th Grade Sun.
Ms. Corbett Teacher Needed Mrs. DiMondo Mrs. Leach
M. Conrad S. Beiseigel G. Christopher E. Kennedy
D. Farrelly D. DiTrolio P. Crouse C. Kimmel
A. Farrelly K. Hopkins M. Gonzalez J. Mack
J. Fernandez M. Jensen I. Horowitz J. McIntyre
M. Fernandez S. Manley V. Kalodner N. Radziak
M. Fernandez J. McGrath D. Keeney D. Velardi
M. Figueroa R. Rindone M. Keeney A. Weaver
M. Fitzpatrick J. Ursone S. Kienzle  
V. Harrity L. Yavil S. Mirigliani  
C. Haywood   E. O'Shea Wednesday
K. McCarron   J. Rademacher Older Student
S. McCloskey   D. Roman Religious Education
A. Proffitt   D. Schumm B. Thomas
N. Rivera   C. Stackhouse S. Thomas
P. Salvatore   G. Toland  
J. Schwartz   DiMaggio  
E. Thomas      
C. Tomeo   6th Grade Wed. Sunday
    Warren Youth RCIA
    S. Connolly Mrs. Bretz
    K. Fails C. Bannon
    C. Gatti Bostic
    P. Gentile P. Brennan
    M. Harris C. Cunningham
    S. Kerr T. Demopoulos
    A. Lascio R. Finnegan
    M. Laskowski K. Hopper
    M. MacMullen M. Kiesel
    G. Munro G. Matos
    J. Nearey J. Miniconzi
    M. Quintiliana K. Orange
    G. Razzi A. Schindler
    D. Schickel A. VanTrieste
    S. Smith  
    J. Stensrud  
    M. Warren  

Class Lists for Grades 1 & 2

Class Lists for Grades 3 & 4


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